Fahmi Reza is an illustrator, design satirist, street artist, documentary film maker, stage-actor and graphic design activist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
In Fahmi, many of us see the rebel we want to be, but lack the courage to be. Our responsibilities weigh us down and, in many cases, inhibit our impulses to express ourselves freely. In Malaysia, the policeman in our mind, put there by societal pressure and systemic structures allow for the nurturing of a tamed and muzzled mind. However, there are a few who seem incapable of succumbing to these heavy chains and through much pain and self-sacrifice plot a path of resistance in the face of overwhelming pressure. While some wilt under the pressure others rise.
The case investigated in this book is just such a case—one built on resistance, subversion, wit and daring or imprisoned by an idea, belief and overzealousness that is untenable, impractical and unsuitable no matter which side of the divide you are on. Whatever your view, what is clear is that Fahmi Reza is unique in the Malaysian tapestry and has managed to capture visually through his graphic designs what many have felt but may be too timid to admit. This book strives to investigate the background, the career path and the beliefs of this serial visual dissenter, unique to Malaysian society.

Fahmi Reza Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

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